Working as a ghostwriter

Lange Swanson

Avoiding direct contact with customers
In general, the ghost writer is not directly hired by the person or company that will author the texts.

This kind of distance is also beneficial to the writer, who can write with more freedom and autonomy, having received his writing instructions in an objective and synthetic way.

Dealing with clients is a problem for many people, especially those who are more introverted or who have little patience to deal with the public. Generally, the ghostwriter does not have to worry about that.

Take advantage of the trend of market expansion

There is a strong trend of expansion of this niche in the labor market. Increasingly, companies, columnists and other stakeholders are migrating their performance to online platforms (websites, apps, blogs, social networks, etc.). This makes the importance of content marketing, for example, even greater.

Institutional blogs are a good way to attract customers, enrich the products and services offered, and create customer loyalty. For this reason, there is a growing demand for writers in this area. In addition, the technological developments that facilitated access to e-books and other digital works have also expanded the possibilities of acting as a writer.

To become a professional, you do not need to have specific training in letters, journalism or similar areas. Although this helps a lot, it is not a factor that eliminates a candidate who likes to write and has good general knowledge.

And I can add some more tips:

  1. Gain experience
    Gain pace and practice. If necessary, offer to write a free post on a high visibility or collaborative portal or exchange posts with other writers.

The more you write, the more money you earn, as well as experience and professional visibility. On our platform, the more productive a writer is, the greater the job offer for him.

  1. Be patient.
    If you are fully capable of producing many words a day, calm down. It may even be true, but your clients and contractors will first want to see your quality and commitment.

You may be a typewriter, but if it’s not the other half of the customer’s orange, that’s irrelevant.

Just as it is important for the customer to get to know your work, you also need to feel connected to the project. Writing with interest in the subject is much more enjoyable and enriching for both parties.

  1. Read and study hard
    You will need to keep your knowledge up-to-date at all times and reading helps both absorb new concepts and discover new writing styles.

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  1. Research your customers’ customers
    In web writing, your customers’ clients are called personas, and it is for them that you need to write relevant content.

Writing a post talking about a bakery, its location, accepted forms of payment and its main suppliers will not attract the attention of local consumers.

Write about gluten-free breads, gluten-free cheese bread, gluten-free water and even gluten-free puffs! The content should be relevant to who is going to buy, since it will attract the consumer even inside the bakery.

When he gets there, the baker – or the smell of bread – will close the sale.

  1. Choose the market that best suits you
    As a ghost writer, it is possible to work on several lines of writing, such as the aforementioned web, as well as the more traditional ones.

You must choose the one that best suits your style or that will give you more opportunities for gain and learning. To facilitate, let’s see some of them in detail in the next topic.

In which market to invest

Blog post writing

Texts written with content optimization strategies. In other words, in addition to informing the reader, they also contribute to search engines prioritizing the text in the results.

ontent optimization strategies. In other words, in addition to informing the reader, they also contribute to search engines prioritizing the text in the results.

In this case, the knowledge of content marketing becomes necessary. In blog posts, the persona, the type of language, SEO and their various other strategies will keep company with the other ghost writer’s knowledge.

It is the modality that our company offers and the formats and sizes of the texts are varied. The advantage is that you can produce a great volume with writing opportunities on various topics.

Production of biographies

They are larger content that requires more intense interviews and research and are tied to professionals and people who have a story to tell but do not know how to make it interesting through words.

There are autobiographies, biographies of presidents, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, models, artists and more a myriad of themes that can be explored by the ghostwriter.

Articles and articles with beginners authors
In addition to contributing to the content design, in this mode you will also be transmitting your knowledge. He may have, for example, the domain of content, but he does not know how to develop it.

It is similar to the relation of the ghost writer in the production of a biography and with the focus more directed to the journalistic or commercial area of a company.

Well, you’ve seen that there are many opportunities and starting a career is not exactly difficult. So, what still needs to be considered?

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